Reformation Scandinavia



An international training centre in the Word and Spirit.

– James Goll, God Encounters (about School of the Supernatural, Sweden)

Sending a wave of liquid love over Sweden . You have been faithful and will receive the gift of faith.  The gift will enable you to experience the grace to live from fullness.

– Leif Hetland, Global Mission Awareness

I appreciate the vision of Nordboe Ministries and the School of the Supernatural, Sweden which is having a massive impact upon Sweden. Terje and Helene Nordboe are passionate leaders with a sincere heart for revival and reformation.  Their work is saturated with Holy Spirit power and an authentic love for people.

– Ryan LeStrange, Apostle & Founder Global Hub, TRIBE Network and Ryan LeStrange Ministries

I love what you are doing for Sweden and Scandinavia. By establishing Nordboe ministries and the School of the Supernatural, Sweden in Gothenburg, one of the Nordic key cities, you are a prophetic and clear voice for reformation and revival in the nations. If anyone want to be equipped in the prophetic and supernatural realms of the Christian life, School of the Supernatural, Sweden is a really good place to get the teaching and impartation needed for that.

– Martin Reén

It was a great honor to visit and to teach at the School of the Supernatural, Sweden. It is imperative for the church today to embrace and to receive the prophetic Word for our time. This ministry is one of those that want to stretch out to the body of Christ for a deeper understanding of what God has in mind and also how to adminstrate it to the church.

– Morgan Carlsson, Mission of Hope Int.

Renewal happens in the church and revival & reformation are the fruit which will be seen in society.  Terje & Helene are passionate about all of these and I am confident that they will see fruit in their lives and ministry, because of the passion with which they seek Jesus & His Kingdom.

– Paul Manwaring

I was so very blessed to be an invited teacher at the School of Supernatural, Sweden. Terje and Helene Nordboe have the best hearts and they love God and people so much. They want to see Scandinavia and the world changed for Jesus! They are doing a mighty kingdom work in Scandinavia and abroad with their many schools and with their podcasts and articles that reach the masses worldwide. They have a passion for the supernatural and seeing God change and transform lives. If you connect with them your heart and ministry will go to the next levels that God is calling you too!

– Candice Smithyman, Executive Pastor, Freedom Destiny Church, FL USA

What a hunger for renewal and revival is carried by this great ministry of love and power. Jesus is lifted up through the atmosphere and teachings of this movement.

– Martin Koornstra, Director Royal Mission, the Netherlands
Terje and Helene run with a heart for Revival!  While they are based in Sweden, they have a heart for all of Scandinavia. I believe they are vital link in seeing pastors and leaders coming together and running as ONE!  Scandinavia shall be saved!
– Brian Long, Itinerant Minister GODfest Ministries | Awakening Europe

You can’t have reformation without reformational leaders. You also need reformers who can effectively equip and train the next generation of reformers. Terje and Helene Nordboe are those true reformational leaders who are leading others and doing it well. Get behind them, support them, and watch them flourish in their assignment to transform Scandinavia and beyond.

– Jennifer Eivaz, founder of Harvest Ministries International and co-pastor of Harvest Church in Turlock, California, USA

Terje and Helene Nordboe are leaders and pioneers who carry the heart and vision of Christ for Revival and Reformation. Scandinavia is experiencing a truly transformation that’s being birthed out of their lives and ministry. This is definitely an apostolic training for leaders of nations. 

– Ayelen Saavedra, Associate Minister at Trinity Church, Founder of Global Prophetic Ministries, Dallas in Texas

The School of The Supernatural is an open doorway to the deeper places in the Spirit! It allows a company of prophetic people to gather and not only learn from generals in the Kingdom but to put into practice biblically based truths and to activate tangibly the gifts of the Spirit in their lives. My experience with The School of the Supernatural and with the Nordboes was so full of seeing the true hunger of the Scandinavian ekklesia and their willingness to go to the next realm of hosting the presence of God.

– Tricia Turnbow, co-pastor at The Worship Center, Lubbock in Texas

Terje and Helene Nordboe are mighty couple in the Spirit, gifted and appointed to see Reformation come to the nations through their School of the Supernatural, Sweden. Their integrity anointing to raise Prophets will truly be history making!

Emma Stark, Prophet and Founder of Global Prophetic Alliance, Glasgow in Scotland