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Hotels & Travel Information

Hotels & Travel Information

Gothenburg city with an old school ship, today a restaurant. The tower is among people called ‘the lipstick’.

Hotels & Travel Information

If you plan to visit Gothenburg, Sweden for School of the Supernatural, Sweden, or for any of our events, here are examples of hotels and some useful travel information. For a full overview of our upcoming events, go to Calendar.


Time (+2 UCT)

Compare your time with the time in Gothenburg by clicking on the link. Note: Also, click the red button (Time Is) at the top to get the exact time in case of winter time and summer time differences compared to your time.


Gothenburg city

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Public Transport


By car – approx. distances

Gothenburg – Oslo:

  • 3 hours 28 minutes
  • 291 km / 180 miles

Gothenburg – Copenhagen:

  • 3 hours 34 minutes
  • 316 km / 196 miles

Gothenburg – Stockholm:

  • 5 hours 13 minutes
  • 469 km / 291 miles


Map to Salvation Army East Corps 

Venue: Salvation Army East Corps (Frälsningsarmén Östra kåren), Sankt Pauligatan 1, 416 60 Gothenburg, Sweden

Nearest hotel: Hotel Örgryte, about 700 meters.