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Charisma Podcast Network (CPN) contacted Reformation Scandinavia back in December 2020 offering them an opportunity to join CPN with their own podcast channel.
Episode 1 was launched on February 23, 2021 with the title: “Look what the Lord has done!
Today, Reformation Scandinavia Podcast is out almost every week on seven (7) different platforms. Up to today, the podcast has been downloaded in 128 nations.
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Music on Intro and Outro: Ulf Christiansson, Sweden.

Episode 42. April 20, 2022: “How far are you willing to go?

Jesus paid the highest price possible for our salvation. Are we as willing to make sacrifices for Him or will we fall for the enemy’s temptations? In this episode we talk about Judas and the three disciples Jesus brought with Him to the Gethsemane, as well as the hours and minutes before the soldiers came to capture Jesus.


Episode 41. April 7, 2022: “It will cost you everything!

Kathryn Kuhlman was asked one time: “What is the price for the glory and the anointing of the Lord?” She answered that “it will cost you everything!” How far then are we willing to go with Jesus? What are we willing to sacrifice to go all the way with Him? These kinds of questions are the one that we talk about in this episode.


Episode 40. March 30, 2022: “Act upon the prophetic word now, because the world needs you!. Guest: Arleen Westerhof, the Netherlands

In this episode no. 40 we have Arleen Westerhof, a strong prophetic voice from Holland as our special guest. Recently she visited Gothenburg in Sweden for the second time to minister at School of the Supernatural, Sweden. What she saw was that the spirit of secularism had tried to pour concrete over the spiritual roots that God had established in Sweden, but the Lord had now broken the concrete into pieces. God is on the move in Scandinavia, welcome to listen and share!


Episode 39. March 24, 2022: “Check your temperature!

How do we stay passionate and on fire for Jesus? How do we make sure to stay hot and not grow cold? We all need from time to time to check our spiritual temperature and wee-being so that we do not fall into lukewarmness or even worse, that our hearts grow cold. Revelation 3:14-16 and Matthew 6:33.


Episode 38. March 16, 2022: “You are not of this world!

Are you aware of the unseen world? Today, it is too easy to look around us at what can be seen with our natural eyes and what can be heard with our natural ears. However, the Bible says that we are in this world, but not of this world. We live to bring Jesus to the world that we are in for the moment. 


Episode 37. March 9, 2022: “The dream that was not told. God can reveal secrets – through your night visions – that can save the lives of people

King Nebuchadnezzar had several dreams and was so troubled by what he saw in his night vision that he could not sleep. Despite the king calling for help from the magicians, the astrologers, the sorcerers and the Chaldeans to tell him his dreams, there was none to assist the king. Instead he started killing them. But Daniel and his companions went into the secret place with the Lord and asked for mercy for their own lives. God heard their prayers and revealed the dream that was not told to anybody. Daniel did not only save the lives of many, but the greatness of the Lord was revealed to the land.


Episode 36. March 2, 2022: “The shout that stopped the Lord!. Guest: Ken Gott, Sunderland (UK)

The blind Bartimaeus cried out of desperation, when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth that was coming by, saying “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”. And when people warned him to be quiet, Bartimaeus cried out all the more: “Son of David, have mercy on me!”. That cry made Jesus stand still and call him forth. The good news is that a desperate cry from an honest heart, will make the Lord stop by you. What is your cry? (Matthew 10:46-52)


Episode 35. February 23, 2022: “God can give you economic strategies for your nation – through your dreams

Are you in need of strategies? God can speak to you in your dreams. God spoke to Joseph in dreams and through them, helped Pharao interpret his two dreams. This ended up with God giving Joseph specific economical strategies to save Egypt and the entire nation through seven years of famine.


Episode 34. February 16, 2022: “God can guide you regarding the future – through your dreams

It says in Habakkuk 2:2: “Write down the vision and make it plain on tablets”. Most of us can see and most of us can write, hence it is so important to write down what you dream. Your dreams matter and they will guide you. From the end of Matthew chapter 1 until the end of chapter 2, God spoke five (5) times to Joseph who was together with Mary the mother of Jesus. The Lord spoke about relationships, traveling and routes, and about timing. Study for yourself Matthew 1:20, 2:12, 2:13, 2:19-20 and 2:22. If you write your dreams down, you can see them, then you can believe them and you can move and work accordingly. It is exciting!


Episode 33. February 2, 2022: “Building and birthing, tearing down and dismantling. God´s justice will pay back!. Guest: Emma Stark, Scotland.

My justice, says the Lord, will pay back for what Scandinavia gave and sacrificed in terms of missionaries all over the world. A harvest is coming for a rebirth of Sweden and Scandinavia!


Episode 32. December 23, 2021: “Push your spirit to the limit!

We have heard about athletes and sportsmen that have pushed themselves to the point that they have even vomited. Have you ever heard about anyone who has pushed their spirit to their limit? Well, in this podcast we talk about just that and how you can stay so focused and push yourself into the depths of God, like in a sportrace.


Episode 31. December 1, 2021: “Your way to divine healing

Jesus makes multiple examples saying your faith has made you well, with the emphasis on ´your faith´. In this episode we talk about how you can place yourself in a position for God´s healing power. You need to hear this!


Episode 30. November 17, 2021: “The pioneering spirit – how to conquer a godless nation. Guest: Dr. Steve Greene, CPN executive producer.

Our world is in a great need of pioneers that can affect the nations of the earth. What are the characteristics of a pioneer? How do we know if we have what it takes? Are you willing to become one despite the costs? In this episode we discuss the pioneering spirit with Dr. Steve Greene, the executive producer of the Charisma Podcast Network, USA.


Episode 29. November 10, 2021: “A breakthrough is coming!“. Guest: Johanna Tunturipuri, Finland

“Breakthrough is coming” – is always encouraging to hear. Together, we are talking about three important keys that will help you moving forward for your personal breakthrough in your life.


Episode 28. November 3, 2021: “Which voice are you listening to?

We have all heard that the devil is a liar and the father of it. He is a pure look-alike. Believers will recignize the voice of Jesus and follow His voice. Therefore, as reformers we need to make our calling and election sure so we do not fall for the trap of the enemy.


Episode 27. Oktober 20, 2021: “Words are small things that can produce great results

Words are small things that contain great creating powers. The Bible declares that Life and Death are in the power of the tongue. We have a choice every day to speak Life and Blessings or Death and Curses. The Lord says, choose life! Call those things into existance! You will start seeing a shift in your life and your family, city, and nation as you do. It’s healthy!


Episode 26. Oktober 13, 2021: “Prayers that move a godless nation

In this episode, we have a special guest from Hamilton in Alabama (USA), and the church called The Ramp. Tanya Edgil recently visited and ministered at the School of the Supernatural, Sweden in Gothenburg. Tanya also visited Sweden for a whole month back in May 2018 as she was part of the popular TV reality show on national tv called “Allt för Sverige” (Everything for Sweden). This show is about ten Americans coming to Sweden to get to know their Swedish ancestors. At the beginning of season 8, the program leader welcomed the participants to a ”godless nation”. Hear this remarkable story about how God touched her heart for Sweden while she visited the nation.


Episode 25. Oktober 6, 2021: “My God, my God. Why have you not forsaken me?

While hanging on the cross, Jesus cried out these words to His father with a loud voice: “My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?” In this episode we simply ask ourselves: “Why have you not left us, since we all have sinned and fallen short of Your glory?” His answers are only amazing!
Reason no. 1. Because I cannot get My eyes off you
Reason no. 2. Because there is no place to hide from Me
Reason no. 3. Because of My blood covenant through Jesus with you
Reason no. 4. Because of My eternal promise to you – always and wherever
Reason no. 5. Because of My faithfulness through generations – from Moses to Joshua to you

Episode 24. September 29, 2021: “Faith vs. Hope. What is what?

What is the difference between faith and hope? They do go hand in hand. In this episode we talk about how you can recognize what is faith and what is hope, and how these two collaborate and inspire you to continue in the calling from the Lord.

1. Faith is a substance

2. Hope is an anchor

3. Hope keeps Faith alive

4. Different timing – Hope is future, Faith is now

5. Faith surpasses Hope


Episode 23. September 22, 2021: “How to go from an immature babe to a supernatural hero

God wants you to grow and to be able to eat solid food, not just being a babe living on milk. The Lord wants you to exercise all your spiritual senses and train yourself to discern between good and evil. He wants you to mature to full age, a teacher of others and become a supernatural superhero.
1. Become a good listener.
2. Exercise your spiritual senses to discern between good and evil.
3. Put away childish behaviour like envy, strife and divisions.

Episode 22. September 14, 2021: “Three ways to keep your heart soft

Circumstances may or may not affect us. The question is how we choose to meet it. Despite what you are facing, make sure to keep your heart soft. It also says in Proverbs chapter four and verse twenty-three: “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.” We read a book once, called “Getting to yes”. The idea behind it is to be tough on problems, but soft to people. Therefore, make sure to keep your heart soft.

We have highlighted these three points:

  1. Do a heart-check and identify your status
  2. Get the unhealthy stuff out of your heart
  3. Protect your heart by prevention

Episode 21. September 8, 2021: “God´s supernatural catch

Prayer produces faith. Faith produces actions. Paul told his people in Philemon 1:22 while being in prison, to start preparing a room for him. By faith he saw that he soon would be restored and granted back to them. Paul spoke the end-result by faith in the Lord Jesus. You can do likewise. Start speaking what you believe, and it will come to pass.

We have highlighted four points:

  1. Prayer is God´s extended arm to touch with another human being
  2. Prayer is and always will be, your key to restoration
  3. God´s supernatural catch will get hold of you even though you are locked behind bars and when everything else looks totally impossible
  4. Prayer will continue to move at the end of the road of the human ability

Episode 20. August 31, 2021: “We almost chopped down our plum tree!

We almost gave up and chopped down our plum tree. For several years it looked like the most lonesome tree in the desert. However, one year there came one plum, the next year five. This year it was overwhelming. We have enjoyed these tasty fruits for many days now. So, never despite your beginning, although it might look dry on the outside. Remember though that the Lord sees the end from the beginning.

We have highlighted six points:

  1. Jesus chose you to go and bear much fruit
  2. Jesus wants you to be fruitful in every good work
  3. The fruits of the Spirit
  4. God has blessed you that you may be a blessing to others
  5. To be fruitful is to meet urgent and specific needs
  6. God rejoices when you bear fruit and prospers

Episode 19. August 26, 2021: “How to stand firm in a shaky world

The only thing we can really rely on these days is the Word of the Lord. Hence, this episode is about how to stand firm in a shaky world. That said, your faith can grow despite Covid-times. 

We have highlighted five points:

  1. God´s word stands from time to time
  2. Trust the Lord despite what you see and hear
  3. Fear comes where faith is absent
  4. Faith re-loading, how to gain faith
  5. Trust that the Lord Jesus will stay the same through all future

Episode 18. August 11, 2021: “Do not stand still, start acting

All people have faith, but not all people have faith in Jesus. The Bible declares that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So, what then does it take for people to have faith in Jesus Christ, since all of us have ears and the ability to believe? You! Someone like you that is willing to share the gospel, the good news. How shall people otherwise believe if they do not hear about Him?


Episode 17. August 3, 2021: “Freedom has a name and that name is Repentance

In this episode you will hear us speak about repentance. Repentance is the foundation of a true revival and without it, we will not see it coming. Everything starts with us and therefore each one of us must check our own hearts and let the Lord highlight anything that might hinder us from moving forward with Him seeing God’s promises fulfilled.


Episode 16. June 15, 2021: “How to deal with bitterness and disappointments

This episode includes the importance of dealing with bitterness and disappointments in your life as a true reformer and a church leader. What you carry, you will also pass on to your church, as well as to the next generation. Even though there is a spring of water in the desert, the water can still be bitter. Therefore, it is so important to deal with bitterness and disappointments in your own life as a leader, and let it go. Doing so will make you excel to higher levels in your life.

Key verses:

  • Exodus 15:23
  • Galatians 5:9

Episode 15. June 8, 2021: “God is releasing His Ruach, the very breath of the Spirit of Life, upon you

One morning during my prayer time I heard these words: “I am releasing My ruach- My very breath over the nations”. I started to pray into these specific words and felt the anointing of God coming over me. The Lord continued to say that He is breathing life into the dry bones, and into the nations to raise up the sleeping beauty – His very own bride.

Key Verses:

  • Genesis 2:7
  • Ezekiel 37:1-10

Episode 14. May 25, 2021: “Back to Pentacost and prayer that shakes the House

What is Pentecost and which promises were fulfilled at this powerful event, when suddenly, a mighty rushing wind filled the whole house where they were gathered in one place, and in one accord. In this episode we talk about important things you need to know about the Pentecostal fire. 

The two promises on the day of Pentecost:

  • Joel 2:28
  • John 16:5-15

Episode 13. May 18, 2021: “I am re-introducing my church to pentacostal fire“. Guest: Larry Sparks, USA

What is pentecostal fire? In this episode, Reformation Scandinavia podcast has a special guest, Larry Sparks from the Destiny Image Publishing. The Lord said to Larry not long ago; “I am re-introducing my church to pentecostal fire”. Get excited and listen, you will be blessed!


Episode 12. May 11, 2021: “Your faith will make you whole!

Faith can be seen at a long distance. Faith can be expressed through actions. What actions express our faith in Christ? Do we understand as reformers how we can increase in faith, make progress in faith, take practical steps in faith? These and more questions will be answered in today’s episode.

  • Mark 10:52 – Bartimaeus; your faith has made your well.
  • Luke 17:19 – To one of the lepers; your faith has made your well.
  • Matthew 9:22 – Daughter; your faith has made you well.
  • Matthew 15:28 – A woman of Canaan; great is your faith, let it be to you as you desire.
  • Luke 7:50 – A woman with an alabaster flask of fragrant oil; your faith has saved you.
  • Matthew 9:2 – Men carrying a paralytic man on a bed; Jesus saw their faith.
  • Matthew 9:29 – Two blind men; according to your faith let it be to you.

Episode 11. May 4, 2021: “Does witchcraft exist within the church today?“. Guest: Candice Smithyman, Jacksonville, FL.

In this episode we meet with pastor Candice Smithyman from Freedom Destiny Church in Jacksonville, Florida to discuss what is true Jesus-reformation, and what are the hindrances within the four walls of the church today?


Episode 10. April 27, 2021: “Get desperate for more of Jesus

In this episode we will talk about hunger and thirst for more of Jesus. Desperate hunger and thirst. The Scripture says in Matthew 5:6 that “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” Jesus is our Righteousness. If we want to know Him, it takes discipline, hunger, and thirst. But the process will lead to more of the fruits of the Spirit. Opposite our human bodies, spiritual hunger, and thirst, accumulates even more hunger and thirst.


Episode 09. April 20, 2021: “Stay in the fire!

When the Son of Man, Jesus is coming back, there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars, and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring, men’s hearts failing them from fear. This episode is about how to catch the fire of the Holy Spirit, and how to maintain it, that your faith will not fail when pressure increases. Jesus said to Simon Peter in Luke 22:32; I have prayed for you that your faith should not fail.


Episode 08. April 13, 2021: “The truth that you know shall make you free!

The New King James Version (NKJV) of the English bible contains 31,097 verses. Only the truth that you know has the ability, to make you free. If you do not know it, it doesn’t mean that the truth is not there, only that it’s not revealed to you yet. As we read, study, memorize and meditate on the Word of God, more of what is hidden, the treasures, will be revealed to us. And when they do, they shall make us free. 


Episode 07. April 6, 2021: “Arise, Viking-warriors, part 2

A remnant is defined as what is left after a disaster. Noah and Lot are such examples. Today, a generation of bold remnants filled with a Viking-warrior mentality, is rising all over the globe, ready to conquer and reform their nations for Christ.


Episode 06. March 30, 2021: “Arise, Viking-warriors!“. Guest: Bjarki Clausen, Iceland.

In this episode, Reformation Scandinavia meets a real ‘viking’ from Iceland. Bjarki Clausen is the founder of I AM Equipping Center on Iceland (Iceland Apostles of Mission). The theme is ‘Arise, warriors!’ and ‘the viking spirit’ which lives among the people of the Nordic nations.


Episode 05. March 23, 2021: “The Lord sees you!

The Lord sees you and the Lord hears you! If you are going through a wilderness-experience, feeling rejected, alone, and unworthy, this episode is for you. Sarai’s maidservant Hagar was treated harshly by her mistress to such a degree that Hagar took her newborn son with the God-given name Ishmael and fled into the wilderness. She felt that nobody cared or saw her, but she could not be more wrong. The Lord sent an angel to meet her right where she was to comfort, strengthen, encourage, and give Hagar new hope.


Episode 04. March 16, 2021: “Jesus loves to talk! And you can hear His voice too!“.

This episode is about the importance of hearing the voice of the Lord for yourself, the main reasons why you today do not hear His voice, and what you can do to train yourself in hearing God’s still small voice. The foundation for this episode is from Revelation 3:20.


Episode 03. March 9, 2021: “Become a true lover of Jesus Christ despite of persecution“. Guest: Isaac Liu, China.

On this episode we have a special guest with us, Isaac Liu from China, also known as the Son of the heavenly man, brother Yun. Isaac has written a book called “Son of the underground” which is about the underground church in China. In this podcast, Isaac speaks about how to become a true lover of Jesus despite being a refugee, suffering thirst and hunger, and being persecuted. Isaac and his wife, Fabiana Liu from Brazil, visited School of the Supernatural, Sweden on February 27, 2021. This recording was done over Zoom from Germany.


Episode 02. March 2, 2021: “The most important thing in your life

This episode is about ten ladies and the upcoming wedding of the year found in the gospel of Matthew chapter 25:1-13. The story is also about preparation and being prepared for anything, even delays. No matter what is at stake, are you ready to meet Jesus when He comes?


Episode 01. February 23, 2021: “Look what the Lord has done!

This is the story about Terje & Helene Nordboe and how they fell in love, married, and shortly afterwards, moved to East Europe (Slovakia and Czech Republic) as full-time missionaries. It is also a testimony about the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord Jesus Christ, who took them from a desert to an oasis. Today, they run the School of the Supernatural, Sweden, a bible school located in the city center of Gothenburg, Sweden, with both national and international teachers.


Episode 00. February 2, 2021: “Introducing Reformation Scandinavia!

Join Terje and Helene Nordboe and be equipped on how to become a reformer in your personal life as well as in your city and nation.