Reformation Scandinavia
Student Testamonies

Student Testamonies

Student Testimonials


– Eileen Bore, Norway

“It is absolutely unique to be endowed with so many great servants of God from around the world. God has met me greatly all the time and what has been shared here by all is so important for this time we are now in as Christians, not just in Sweden, but throughout the Nordic countries. I strongly recommend anyonw who want to grow and grow in their calling as a Christian, to attend the school. Known or unknown names on the podium are not so important, for the word of God never returns empty-handed. You will be equipped for a time like this!”


– Ole Møller, Denmark

“When I arrived at the bible School in Gothenburg, I received a warm welcome inte a family that was HUNGRY after more. This, combined with the teaching of very competent apostles, prophets and teachers from all over the world, makes this school highly recommendable and one of the leading in Scandinavia in living in – and with – the supernatural”


– Shiva Maria Piran, Sweden

“Through School of Supernatural, Sweden, God has changed my life forever. It helped me in how to operate in my gifts and to go deeper in relationship with the Holy Spirit! I saw how God used me to bring healing and prophetic words to people and taught me how to walk together with his beautiful Spirit! I am so happy that God brought me to this place and changed my life in a powerful way! I recommend you to join and to be a part of a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit in Sweden”  


– Raili Hellqvist, Sweden

“I have been saved for 40 years and have heard quite a lot of sermons in my days, but not the kind of food I have received from my time at School of the Supernatural, Sweden. It has been absolutely wonderful to really see who my Father is, whom I have believed in for the most of my life. I have gained an insight of how great He is and what depht there exist in the Word. Sometimes the sermons have overturned my old habitual thoughts, but it has only made me more hungry for the Word of God and given me an increased longing to know the Father even more.”